September 24, 2020, was a day of celebration at the HELIU District, as the Independent Power Operator, OEX Power, which is committed to provide 24-7 clean energy at HELIU, commissioned the first phase of Electricity Supply at the Bungalow Section. This complimented the already completed 6-inch thick, concrete road, solar street lights and sidewalks for the Bungalow Section!

On July 10, 2020, FIT Group, the Developers and Promoters of the HELIU Health Tourism District and Residences, signed a Branding and Management Agreement Key Terms, with the Hilton Group for the operations of HELIU Hotel, after completion to be known as the HILTON GARDEN INN. This will be the first Hilton Hotel in the South East and South-South of Nigeria. This is very exciting news and has energized the interest of Home Buyers in the HELIU District.