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Next Steps…

Make the following payments at any of the banks listed on the form: a N25,000 non-refundable application fee AND a minimum 25% deposit.

Prices: Plots

504 m2 -> Naira7.8 million


750 m2 -> Naira11.5 million


1000 m2 -> Naira23 million




Front -> Naira10.950 million


Back -> Naira11.2 million



Semi-Detached 4-Bedroom Duplexes with Flat Roof -> Naira30 million


Semi-Detached 4-Bedroom Duplexes with Gable Roof -> Naira33 million


Detached 4-Bedroom Duplexes -> Naira35 million


The completed form and bank teller showing the above payments should be sent by email, post, or courier, to any of the addresses listed on the form.